The Team


Our growing team is made up of an odd array of like minded people.

Gary ( English, 14 years in Bulgaria) is our technical and joint management person. A strong link to today’s technologies and a natural born educator currently working in a team catching rockets and returning them to Earth.

David ( Anglo-American, 15 years in Bulgaria ) comes from a long history in business and educational programs including head of the US senate working party responsible for educational reforms in taking youth from education to employment.

Petr ( Czech, 7 years in Bulgaria ) a successful business and marketing professional with a passion for tech and education.

Roumiana ( Bulgarian ) an all-rounder with a huge history in reform and education.

Bozhidar ( Bulgarian ) Internationally educated ( UK and France) a business practitioner in renewable energy currently focused in Amman.

AND OF COURSE our growing number of mentors.


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Our Partners & Our Contributors all have the future of Bulgarian youth in their hearts. At the same time they are helping us to prepare the workforce for the technical world we now live in, both at home and in the workplace

Vision for Science and Technology Growth Foundation

Institute of Mechanics, BAS.

Vaptech Ltd

Petrol Ltd ( BG )

There are also a growing number of small and medium sized businesses who are supporting, or who have promised support for mentors operating in their geographic areas, we thank them all for their support in bringing this project to a reality.