Mentors and Mentoring

What To Expect From Steampowered team Mentors?

Our ‘Certified Mentors’, are mentors who have successfully completed a course which requires of them, knowledge, communication skills, passion to educate, ability to identify and record competencies and much more. Other candidates do come on our courses and go away to start groups but only the best are offered the ‘Certified’ level. These mentors agree to certain guidelines such as the number of students they mentor in one class, inclusion in the regular assessment and development program we operate to ensure standards and the giving of time to share the experience with adults and other educators. If a candidate attends one of our courses and simply fails to show or develop sufficiently, “Their attendance record reflects that”. We will not simply pass someone just because they attended the course. As well as our assessments we rely on and treat very seriously the feedback of the clients.

Mentors and Mentoring

NOT EVERYONE PASSES OUR COURSES. We do not just take people onto a mentoring course and put them into the classroom. Only certified mentors go into ‘your’ classrooms. People who come to our courses have to demonstrate above average abilities as a mentor to get the ‘certified’ stamp of approval. If you are a decision maker or responsible adult we are sure that you want your child or team being mentored by someone with the skill set to do so efficiently and effectively.

Our mentors are regularly checked (without warning), in their operating location to ensure the standard of delivery. For instance, one mentor cannot mentor more than 10 students, two mentors working together no more than 16. The content for the inputs (lessons) are all centrally generated to ensure curriculum and competency development structures. All hardware and materials are delivered from to ensure as far as is realistically possible the quality, diversity and ease of use for the students. We want our students to be involved, not afraid to do projects and experiments themselves, with their own hands. Those projects and experiments benefit from coordination.

Our Mentoring Program takes people of all ages and develops a natural passion for education in their particular area of interest into a mentor who can and will develop, identify and record competencies in all of our subjects and target areas.

Corporate Training. Here the training we offer falls into two main categories:

  • Corporate training of mentors within an organization who will go on to provide training ‘In House’ to the staff or children of the staff in some ‘People First Type Initiative’.
  • Corporate training as ‘Team Building’ for the employees themselves to assist in decision making strategies or communications etc.

So, you’d like to be a mentor?

What’s involved:

Ideally some knowledge in one or more of the STEAM subjects, Competencies, Entrepreneurship or Financial spheres. Some knowledge of English language will also contribute to better delivery of mentoring. ( If you don’t have that knowledge, you must be ready to learn in your own time or come on a development course ) You must also want to develop others. You have to pay for and attend a course ( 5 full days and 6 follow up modules at home). You must also be ready to work in one of the most rewarding roles you could ever have.

This Is a Business Opportunity. We are ready to support your efforts in this new opportunity. There is no expectation that you will work for free, you will be paid and you will be in charge of your own future.

Our part is to:

  • Provide relevant training courses, both initially and in the long term.
  • To act as a resource for all materials and hardware
  • To hold a repository of lesson plans that cover all your needs
  • To administrate: competitions, “Widden Tabakoff” Scholarships granted by the “Vision for Science and Technology Growth Foundation”, Easter and Summer Schools; to administer the “Junior Mentor Program”.
  • Circulation of a newsletter every two weeks setting out new information, new                lessons or lesson updates and good practice.
  • Together with the foundation will assist in your efforts to secure local funding for your intended operating location/s.
  • To forward all enquiries for mentoring to the closest and most suitable mentor.

Mentor Network. All of our mentors are in contact with us and with each other, to share good practice and get help when its needed. We are all ‘Team Players’ and the target is the development of others, not our Ego.        

‘Mentor Only Area’ Password entry. We have a repository that contains a vast and growing number of lessons and material that you get access to as a certified mentor. We have a smaller repository for non-certified mentors who have been on and completed our course.

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