To become the primary provider of, and supplier to, STEAM and Competency related educators.

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People power

A combination of our team, our mentors and the partners who support us.

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Help with choices.

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So, you’d like to be a mentor?

What’s involved: Ideally some knowledge in one or more of the STEAM subjects, Competencies, Entrepreneurship or Financial spheres. Some knowledge of English language will also contribute to better delivery of mentoring. ( If you don’t have that knowledge, you must be ready to learn in your own time or come on a development course ) You must also want to develop others. You have to pay for and attend a course ( 5 full days and 6 follow up modules at home). You must also be ready to work in one of the most rewarding roles you could ever have.

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You can get in touch with our team by emailing us at admin@steampowered.team.